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Our infrastructure team gets our first dedicated DevOps engineer

Our infrastructure team is now shifting its focus onto future international expansion and automating and scaling our systems for the rapid growth we will see over the next 12 months. We are focussing on streamlining our developer processes, building the best tools to support our tech teams, automating our infrastructure and rolling out comprehensive monitoring and awareness systems for hardware, networks and applications.



In the time since Mark joined he has stabilised our Vagrant managed developer instances, comprehensively re-written our Puppet infrastructure and established clear coding standards, overhauled and vastly improved our automated instance launch and is about to start working on our new and improved code release process that will make far greater use of the great tools that AWS provides including AMI baking, automated app cluster deployment, dynamic management of ELBs and DNS re routing using Route53. Not bad for 2 months work.

The long term roadmap for this team is incredibly exciting and we'll be sharing it on this blog as we go. Having Mark's expertise on board is critical to achieving our goals for a highly scalable, highly automated infrastructure - if you are interested in working with Mark on these great projects then take a look at our jobs page.

by Tom Percival

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