Silex Routing and Trailing Slashes

Silex treats a route like /profile/1 as a different resource to /profile/1/, nothing wrong with that.

However, when using controller providers, root level routes for that controller are mounted with a trailing slash, which leads to potentially undesired behaviour.

For example:

class ProfileControllerProvider implements ControllerProviderInterface  
    public function connect(Application $app)
        $controllers = $app['controllers_factory'];

        $controllers->post('/', function () {
            return 'Foo';

        return $controllers;

$app->mount('/profile', new ProfileControllerProvider());

In this case POST requests to /profile will 404, as /profile/ is the registered route.

@jrschumacher posted a handy meta-route to handle this, however unless you override the default url matcher, GET requests will continue to be handled in RedirectableUrlMatcher and respond with a redirect.

I wrote a simple controller provider that iterates on @jrschumacher's work, defining the route and overriding the registered url_matcher correctly:

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