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Fresh blood

Tom Percival on June 07, 2013

I’m really happy to announce the arrival of 2 new faces in the tech team here at graze.



Csaba joins our infrastructure team as a sysadmin. Csaba will be initially focusing on our monitoring and alerting systems and along with Andrew will lay the groundwork on our new infrastructure management architecture. Our focus moves now to engineering for scale, with our US project well on track, and Csaba is going to be critical in getting us there.

He’s a big fan of off-roading and horse riding and judging from our office move a few days ago he can carry three times his own bodyweight.



Chris’ first day was our summer party last week and quickly found himself the centre of attention, VJ’ing YouTube to the delight of the assembled masses. A legend on his first day.

For his day job however he will be helping Will on the customer facing aspects of our platform. He’ll be working on responsiveness on our main website, and in our customer emails and working extensively with Will on new product releases and on our internationalised platform.

The very warmest welcome to both of you - we’re delighted to have you on board.