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by the graze technology teams

Here in the graze tech team we use hipchat to share interesting articles and engage in hilarious banter. We are big fans of using animated gifs in response to stupid questions and to settle arguments. Here are a selection of our favorites.

Alan partridge eye roll

Alan Partidge is popular around here. We even have a service named after him (with the most awkward forced acronym possible)

example usage:

  • Mathieu Pinet: what’s a functional test?
  • Lee Jordan: it’s a test that works properly
  • Mathieu Pinet: alan-eye-roll.gif

Mind = blown

From Tim and eric awesome show great job

example usage:

  • Will Pillar: you’re moving desks?!
  • Mathieu Pinet: not literally
  • Mathieu Pinet: I’m moving chair and personal belongings and computer
  • Mathieu Pinet: everything but desks if you think about it
  • Will Pillar: mind-blown.gif

Colbert panic

example usage:

  • Andrew Lawson: I got stuck in vim
  • Andrew Lawson: my commands didnt work like normal
  • Andrew Lawson: and I panicked
  • Andrew Lawson: CAPS LOCK
  • Everybody: colbert-panic.gif

Brent Rambo thumbs up

example usage:

  • John Smith: I’ve just fixed an annoying niche bug that has been there for 5 years
  • Lee Jordan: brent-rambo-thumbs-up.gif

It’s happening

example usage:

  • Edd Read: I’m doing a release in 20 minutes
  • Andrew Braithwaite: at 5:30 on a friday?
  • Edd Read: Its-happening.gif


Ok so it’s not an animated gif but I just wanted to share graze’s very own in-house meme: the Jakeface™

The real joke here is that he’s not even called Jake.