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Hi there, I’m Sam, the latest graduate hire and part of the web team here at graze. I’m a computer science graduate from Brunel University and have previously worked with PHP when developing a couple of side projects outside of my studies.

The Graze Mailbox

My application to graze started by applying to the very first graze behind the scenes tour, which was run earlier this year. The event was a brillant way to meet the people I’d be working with, and to see just how awesome the offices are. There was also an amazing tour of the graze factory, just like an episode of How it’s Made, which included a great hands on demo of the systems the infrastructure team have developed for the factory.

Following the event, I was invited to complete two technical tests that could be done from home, one on PHP and the other on logic and problem solving. I did far better in the PHP test than the logic test but found both to be a positive challenge and a rewarding break from coursework. The final stage was a morning of interviews with several people from the tech team that I had already met from the tour. Shortly after the last interview I was offered a position and couldn’t have been more happy to accept.

The first day at work was more awesome that I could ever have imagined, after being shown my desk I unpacked a welcome crate full of goodies, including a graze hoodie, a selection of books (O’Reilly PHP, The Little Book of Calm, and a guide to OSX), a MacBook Pro with a keyboard and mouse, and of course a box full of graze snacks!

The Graze Welcome Crate

the development stack

The rest of the development setup is as neat as you might expect. We’re currently using a combination of Trello, GitHub, Google Apps and HipChat to work under a great agile development process. All the code is peer reviewed using pull requests, and I hope to see my first one merged into the release branch sometime this week!

As for editors, I’m currently trying out Atom along with several others developers here and there’s a nice diversity of vim, PhpStorm and Sublime Text around the office too.


week one

I spent the first week working on two tasks, one on moving several event tracking calls from the server-side to the client-side and the other on giving the graze school of farming page a well deserved facelift using the recently developed grazestrap framework, working closely with the design team.

The week also included a regular tech team monthly meeting, with a short presentation from each of the different departments (data, web, infrastructure, and devops) who provided great insight into the company’s performance and what technology we might be using in the near future.

If you have any questions about what it’s like to start working for graze, or the application process, feel free to leave a comment below.