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Here at graze we are obsessed with continuously evolving, we use data in innovative ways to offer customers the best products and a unique customer experience. One of the data team’s New Year’s resolutions was to meet other like-minded data driven companies and learn how they use data to better understand the needs of their customers. We wanted to learn what data technologies they use and the role that data teams have within other companies.

As soon as we started reaching out, it became clear that there was an overwhelming amount of appetite for knowledge and experience sharing in the field of data - not just successes but more interestingly, challenges and mistakes. We wanted to create a forum for sharing and so the graze #geekTogether was born, the first of which will take place on Wednesday 30th of July. The event has been received with so much enthusiasm that it has been over-subscribed within the first 2 weeks of announcement. We expect over 100 people to be attending.

What are we trying to achieve? Our goal is twofold. Firstly we want to help answer some of the main data questions on everyone’s mind and secondly help data driven companies from across the UK create a network of contacts in the field who they can contact with future questions.

Who will be attending? The great and the good of the UK tech scene including Hailo, YPlan, Ocado, ASOS, Kabee, SkyScanner, MedicAnimal, PhotoBox, SwiftKey, Money Dashboard, Secret Sales, OneFineStay, Notonthehighstreet, Naked Wines, Secret Escapes, Zoopla and so many others.

What will be the format of the event? In order to identify the most popular topics and questions to be discussed at the meet-up, each company has been asked to complete a short survey with a focus on three key areas:

(1) Business applications of data - areas of focus, successes and challenges

(2) Data technologies employed - can technology make a difference?

(3) The ‘data team’ and its role within a company

The results of the survey and other intriguing questions will be addressed through in-depth panel discussions. Afterwards, there will be plenty of time for informal data chats over a glass of wine and some delicious graze snacks.

Following the meet-up, we intend to keep you posted on our major learnings and the key topics discussed at the #geekToghether: so stay tuned!