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We’re really excited about the #geekTogether event that we’re hosting in London tonight and wanted to share the official press release - see you tonight!

Innovative healthier snacking company hosts ‘Silicon Valley’ style knowledge sharing event.

LONDON, July 30, 2014 - - the direct to consumer healthier snacking company - is hosting its inaugural #geekTogether tonight, bringing together around 100 experts from data driven companies to create a network of likeminded data geniuses. The event will be the first of its kind in the UK.

Anthony Fletcher, CEO said:

We really wanted to fill in the gap that exists in the UK for sharing cross-sector expertise on data and how we use it to better understand the needs of our respective customers.

The #geekTogether is a significant step in breaking down the walls between technology-based companies. Afterall, the better we understand the role of data as an industry - which is becoming an increasingly integral part of our businesses - the better we can make the customer experience.

With data being at the heart of everything does, the company has decided that the time is right to bring together the great and the good of the UK tech scene to share knowledge, experience and examples of challenges and limitations with their peers. Amongst those attending are representatives from industry heavyweights ASOS, Ocado, Financial Times, Hailo, SkyScanner, PhotoBox and Secret Escapes.

Mica Vaipan, Head of Data and Business Insight for added:

Almost every week I meet a new company and find myself discussing our use of data and how the data team at was formed. What I find fascinating is how willing everybody is to share their data ‘war stories’ - not just the triumphs, but even challenges and unsuccessful attempts. If a few years ago companies expected to get answers from the data without knowing the questions to ask, I feel today we all focus a lot more on asking the right questions and the ‘actionability’ of the data models that can be developed.

It was with this in mind that Anthony and I met to discuss how we could use this unexpected openness to create a network where data teams could come together to share their insights.

Attendees have been asked to complete a survey before the event. The results of the survey will form the basis of in-depth panel discussions, where a group of data experts will dissect the findings, followed by drinks and delicious snacks. Among the most popular topics expected to be discussed are the following:

  • Can the data give us answers without us knowing the questions to ask of it?
  • How do we monetise our ability to understand and predict customer lifetime value?
  • How important are data visualisation technologies like Tableau or Qlik?
  • How do we develop a business which uses data proactively as part of its daily decision making process? Is having a data team a pre-requisite?

The #geekTogether will be the first in a series of data-centred events held by