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Sometimes with composer you’ll want to point to a repository other than packagist. At graze, a common use of this is to include a private project in an application.

Composer facilitates this through the “repositories” directive -

"repositories": [
        "type": "vcs",
        "url": ""

Including top-secret-private-package at tagged version 1.1.2 in our app is then the same as usual -

"require": {
    "graze/top-secret-private-package": "1.1.2"

If we’re developing a new feature for top-secret-private-package on the branch cool-new-feature, rather than creating a new tag, we can ask composer to fetch directly from that branch -

"require": {
    "graze/top-secret-private-package": "dev-cool-new-feature"

Notice branches are prefixed with dev-.

This is slightly different for numeric branch names - these are suffixed with .x-dev. If we want composer to fetch branch 0.1.1 of top-secret-private-package, it would look like this -

"require": {
    "graze/top-secret-private-package": "0.1.1.x-dev"

composer show is your friend here. It will help to verify everything’s set up correctly and list all available versions -

$ composer show graze/top-secret-private-package

name     : graze/top-secret-private-package
descrip. : Really excellent package that does secret things
keywords : excellent, secret, things
versions : dev-master, 0.1.1.x-dev, 1.12, dev-cool-new-feature

To read more about versions, check the composer docs.

#tl;dr; numeric branch names require the suffix .x-dev