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The Bash Automated Testing System (Bats) is a testing framework for Bash I came across recently, in use by the amazing Apline Linux Docker images.

It provides a simple way to verify that the UNIX programs you write behave as expected.

A Bats test file is a Bash script with special syntax for defining test cases. Under the hood, each test case is just a function with a description.

We’ve started using it to test our Docker images too, see the graze/composer image for an open-source example.

Here’s what a typical test looks like:

@test "composer version is correct" {
  run docker run --rm graze/composer:php-7.0 --version --no-ansi
  echo 'status:' $status
  echo 'output:' $output
  version="$(echo $output | awk '{ print $3 }')"
  echo 'version:' $version
  [ "$status" -eq 0 ]
  [ "$version" = "1.0-dev" ]

It means we can now apply TDD when making any changes, helping to protect the continuous delivery pipeline.

Going beyond Bats, it looks like RSpec and ServerSpec make for a create combination for testing your images too, with a neat DSL.