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Photo of Luke Saunders standing in front of an exposed brick wall

My name is Luke Saunders and I am an IT Helpdesk Analyst at graze.

I am a graduate from Leeds Beckett University in Business Information Technology where I studied various modules including IT Systems Strategy, Business Intelligence, Production Project, Business Concepts, Databases and Business Analysis.

My first job out of University was involved in a large company where I was an IT Technician in a team of about 10 IT staff. I was the first point of contact for a user base of around 800 people that had any IT issues. This allowed me to broaden my knowledge and gain valuable experience within a large business and on the helpdesk.

The first week at graze

On my first day in the office and I was presented with tonnes of graze snacks, a graze hoodie and headphones. There was also a new Windows laptop with two widescreen monitors on my desk, all set up for me to use. I then opened my Google calendar and saw a busy week scheduled ahead for me with various meetings and tours planed.

At graze they want you to feel like part of the company straight away and getting on with your tasks ahead. To get settled in, my manager had organised various lunches with people from Retail, Customer Services and Finance to have a chat about ourselves and the company.

The next thing during my first week was a tour of the graze factory in Hayes. I got an in depth look at all the various steps it takes from the food being sorted into its packets to shipping out the products across the UK. Finally I had various training sessions planned to learn about the different technologies used in graze to help bring me up to speed.

Present day

I’ve recently had my 30 day catch up with the People team to talk about how I’ve settled in at graze. Thinking about it, it seems like these 30 days have flown by.

I’ve been given my first IT project to take charge of. I’ll be changing BitLocker on all the Windows PCs so the TPM chip will allow the PC to start up automatically instead of the user having to enter a PIN every single time it turns on.

In addition to this, I’m now dealing with various requests that graze users raise on a daily basis which I will try to resolve.