by the graze technology teams

Here at Graze, we really focus on using data to improve our offering commercially. Web analytics has sat on the back burner for a while but seeing as we're about to start working on a new front-end, I'm working on getting our web analytics suite up to scratch.

We use a mix of tableau and Google Analytics to help us figure out what's working and what isn't. It's important to have the set up working correctly (and that they're both telling us the same message - consistency between the two is key!). Luckily, we have a data team to help us out with this.

Right now, I'm working on finding a session playback/heat mapping tool to help us find out how customers really interact with our pages and figure out what exactly their pain points are.

Getting this sorted and using the data coming through will help us optimise the right parts of the site before setting up the new front-end. It'll help us test messaging, flow changes and the logic behind new features before we start development.

November 21st, 2017